Monday, May 31, 2010

A Life Recipe

Consider this post the second installment of my "extremely natural medicines" because, to me, poetry is another one. In case you missed it, my March post entitled "The Strength of Poetry" explains just what it's meant in my life. When I was working on my senior poetry thesis 2 years ago, I was given the prompt of writing a poem to a new graduate in the form of a recipe! (thank you, Professor Donnelly). I thought it was a pretty fascinating assignment during a very uncertain time. How would I tell someone what they'd need in the real world at a time when I wasn't sure myself? Anyway, here's what came out...

Recipe for Surviving After College

Mix 2 friends and
1 dream to crack open
and spill out more.
Take the bitterness.
Sit with it. Stir until
you find the sweetness again.
Add 1 roof over your head
with 2 good dogs to love you
even when you simmer;
to love when you forget how.
Don’t forget the 1 family
to run back to. Add
a dash of money,
all your favorite poems.
and top it off with 1 person
to remember you
when you’re gone.

-Maya Klauber


  1. I think that is a wonderful poem Maya, and it can be applied to any time in your life. Such a great idea to write a poem as a recipe. I have my own "recipe" which is quite similar :)

  2. Hi Candi! So nice of you to say...I would be curious to hear your recipe sometime if you feel like sharing :)

  3. Hey Maya. Thank you so much for following my blog and for your kind words. We all have our way of fighting and being strong. Someone of us find it in humor and others in the love we have for our families. Once I got past the initial shock, the grieving and then acceptance, I started to understand that it is NOT about me. Regardless of these conditions, I am still a wife, a mother and an employee. My life did not change; it just got a little harder.

    BTW – I am the patient advocate at Arthritis Connect. Come by and check the site out when you have a chance.

    One more thing, my sister lives in Coney Island. Whereabouts are you in NYC?

  4. Hi :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog too! You're right that we all have our way of fighting and finding strength... I am always fascinated when I hear what that is for each person. Thank you for the site - I will definitely check it out. Also, I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Feel good and I hope you'll keep reading !

    All my best,

  5. I found your blog inadvertently, and I don't believe in coincidences so I am letting my daughter know about your blog .. I hope she stops by ... she's been suffering with auto immune all her life and the last five years have been awful ... with no healthcare we've been on our own to figure out how we can get some relief this awful condition.

    Peace and Happiness to all