Thursday, August 12, 2010

For John

Inscribed On a Pill Box is 
Love You With All My Heart

After a while 
you have to see the pills 
differently: (blue-
purples, slick pinks 
and the oblong greens)

--It's lovely how the colors mix
just like they have here 
in the box you gave me 
last year. You should know 

I like to take it out, 
shake it on city buses 
like a maraca; some secret 
I can slide open.  
Even when I lose 

my grip, it's like 
rainbow hail falling 
and rolling under boots, 
rolling out the door
and I always think: 

that was worth it 
since my hurting thumb 
is rubbing the smooth 
insides, the burned-
in words

and you're with me;
there's so much ahead.



  1. This is beautiful Maya. You have an amazing gift in your poetry, such talent.


  2. Thanks so much, my dear. I want to see more of your amazing work. Coming from you - nothing could mean more :)

  3. That is such a beautiful poem.

  4. Aw thanks Carly :) You're a beautiful person

  5. Honey, bear in mind that even if there's not a cure, there are periods of remission. Sometimes LONG ones... a friend of mine was diagnosed with AS in her teens, and has been in remission for the past 11 years. YEARS.

    And even if there's not a full remission, there are down-times and breaks. Stretches when it just isn't as awful, when you can actually get stuff done and feel good and enjoy life - sometimes even to the point where you can briefly forget you ever heard of such a thing as "spondylitis."

    So hang in there, and remember that it always gets better. If it's bad right now, you don't have to keep a brave face, you don't have to smile, you don't have to soldier on despite the pain. You can just curl up in a ball for a while and cry, if you have to, or whatever self-soothing method works for you (for me, it's sitting on the couch with my heating pad in place and my feet up on the coffee table, knitting and watching TV and completely ignoring the housework and even, when possible, the children). That's OK to do... as long as you wait long enough, it WILL get better. Honest.

    Glad to have found your blog, and congratulations on your blog award!