Thursday, August 5, 2010

Music of Our Bodies

The medical waiting game is never fun - not for the patient, but I believe more for the people who love the patient. I wont bother you with the details just yet (you can e-mail if you want a better explanation), but suffice to say during an uncertain time I'm reminded, as always, just how strong and fast-acting my support network is.  For now, I'm occupying my mind so it doesn't wander, and turning to my writing for solace. I think it's a good day to share one of my poems - a reminder to cherish our lives and bodies, even thought sometimes we may feel they don't cherish us back.


The truth is even these bodies end, 
so why let death be the long sulk 

to the grave? Instead, bang ulna 
on radius in rhythm with yourself, 

separate your skull from the rest, turn it
inward, notice each vertebra climbing neatly 

over the next. Listen to your popping
jaw, scan the sleek oars of your collar bone 

or your thick mollusk tongue. Open 
your soft mouth to the bone-flint, 

and enjoy the music: your bongo knees, 
and the unspeakable inspiration of the pelvis. 

These floundering limbs you’ve lived with, 
let them grip ribs like batons

high over the earth, let them rise 
and fall like sun on bones

with the calls of those you’ve loved 
circling wild around this dance.



  1. touching poem. love and prayers...

  2. Thanks so much Betsy...did you get my e-mail with an update? <3

  3. beautiful.

    hope things improve soon. xoxo

  4. i love this poem maya, it's really wonderful.