Friday, March 19, 2010


So can you believe this gorgeous New York weather? Right now I'm enjoying a four day visit from one of the best friends out there - Palmer McAuliff (who is the less furry one in the photograph to the left. The pup is Bennett, her 10 month-old Golden Retriever puppy). Palmer's one of those people I promised to single out (and probably embarrass) in a later post, so I think now's a good time. We met at Colby Sophomore year, became close our Senior year and the rest is history. She still works for our college as the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations - kind of a rock star position to snag the summer after graduation. I could write pages listing her good qualities, but a few things make her particular stellar at her job: She's incredibly warm, genuine, intelligent, engaging, interested, kind-hearted and absolutely LOVES Colby. Alums are drawn to her instantly, she plans some amazing events throughout the world, and has made the department that much better for being there. If you couldn't tell, I'm a proud friend and also a big fan of this job because, although it's about 7 hours from here, it also enables her to travel to NYC pretty often to run events, meet with alums, etc. So I'm not complaining :) She's just amazing and I'm so lucky to have her in my life.

A good example of said amazingness? Today I woke up with a head full of big city plans for us that quickly took a backseat to a morning surprise: my horribly infected toe (who saw that coming?) Unfortunately, random and fast-spreading infections are something I'm very familiar with because of the medicines I've always taken - weekly injections that help the inflammation and pain, but lower my immune system tremendously. I plan to do a post about the various drugs I've tried and the successes or failures of each so stay tuned. Anyway, it seems every months or so I'm battling some new infection and things like ingrown toenails have landed me in the hospital on IV antibiotics for days. It's not easy, but friends like Palmer make the uncertainty and pain a million times easier. She's the kind of friend who makes me feel fine about needing to stay in; who says "YOU'RE why I'm here. We can just sit here and it would still be fun." She's the kind of friend who sneaks into the kitchen when I'm showering (otherwise she know I'd stop her) to do all my dishes because she doesn't want me standing up. I'm only just getting comfortable asking for real help from people, but with Palmer I don't even have to do the asking. When my other Colby girls, Vicki and Virginia, visited a couple of weeks ago it was the same way. They see it in my face; helping me is as natural to them as breathing. These are the types of friendships I've wanted my whole life.
I also just want to say a huge thanks to Jenny Dreizen (left) for surprising me and re-designing the top of my blog ! So thoughtful. I tell ya, this girl has an eye for all things lovely. It clearly runs in the blood since she and her sister Olivia (right)co-author Lovely At Your Side, a completely fantastic blog that highlights the "lovely" things in life. They have the winning combination of [four] eyes for beauty, a real appreciation for the simple pleasures in life and a wonderful way with words that just keeps you coming back for more. Check it out - I know I do at least once a day! Thanks for all the support, you lovely sisters. Also shout out to my dad for taking the beautiful photograph of the flower. And finally? Thank you all who have taken the time to read and even comment. I'm pretty floored by all the amazing support right out of the gate ! Until later...


  1. Maya--
    Friends like that are the best! The only thing that makes me sad about amazing friends like that is sometimes you meet them so late into college and you wish you had known them the whole time! Thank you for the shout out! I'm glad you like it, and I love the new feel of the blog!!
    love, love, love

  2. How did I JUST see this?! Thank you for the shoutout and constant, unwavering support. I love this blog and can't wait to read (and support!) more. So glad we all reconnected like this! oxo Olivia