Friday, December 17, 2010

Happier Holidays

Although Hanukkah has come and gone, I'm still very much in the holiday mood. Growing up, my family always celebrated Christmas since my grandma was Catholic, my uncle was Christian, was a super fun excuse to be together. The past two years, I've headed up north to visit John's family in Rochester and this year will be our third holiday together. I'm very excited! It's tough to be so far away from them during the year, so John and I are looking forward to some extended, quality Ferrarone time. I have a feeling there will be some cookie decorating action, yummy food, and lots of board games!

What are your plans for the holiday season? Are you staying close to home or travelling to be with family or friends? Are you perhaps jetting off to some exciting destination? Do tell...

The  holidays are a time for family, friends, fun and food, and I think it's safe to say that no one wants to set a place at the table for illness. However, in order to feel well for ourselves and for the people we love, it's necessary to maintain a certain awareness. This doesn't mean we should dwell on our diagnosis - it just means we need to check in with our bodies like we would with any house guest. It means that some of our traditions might need to be subtly tailored (for example, sitting on a comfy chair while opening presents instead of the hard floor). Don't let these changes upset you - you're being smart and ensuring you'll last more than a day! Don't be afraid to set boundaries and to be honest about your limitations. Pace your days and try to be okay with not doing everything or seeing everyone. Don't be afraid to ask for some team work when it comes to cooking (pot lucks are always delicious!) and make sure you're getting enough rest. It's easier said than done, but try your best to stick to your healthy routines - trust me, your bod will thank you for it.

Check out these fantastic articles filled with self-care reminders for us chronic babes:

First is's blog carnival called "Surviving the Holidays" - here you'll find 12 awesome pieces from twelve different writers! Each post has a uniquely important perspective  and gives some great advice for a happier holiday season...from creating a practical timeline (factoring in time to relax!) to little tips that will jut make you smile (like "starting with dessert!")

And another good read:

Please feel free to share any of your tips and tricks for a healthier, happier holiday season!



  1. Maya,
    Enjoy the holidays. Sophia and I are planning some yummy gluten/grain free meals.
    For me, reducing the sugar intake helps my spirits over the holidays, although I do have to keep reminding myself of that over and over again. It will just be the four of us since our family is in Kansas but we kind of like the simplicity of it being small.

    Big Holiday Hugs to You,

  2. Cathy!
    I wish I could pop over and share in those gluten free meals :) I'm going to have to pick your brain about the lifestyle...I recently went gluten free when Kate was here and felt a tremendous difference in my pain! I hope you feel great, enjoy your beautiful family, and have a wonderful holiday. You deserve it xoxo

    Big holiday hug right back,

  3. I love this post.. I read it and modified some of my plans. I am hosting my entire family the day after Christmas (my birthday), which means cramming 13 people into our 1 bedroom condo. I have decided not to stress about it, I will not be redoing my bathroom cabinets before they all get here and we are having Tacos instead of a large traditional meal. I am not going to over-worry it and focus on my needs and enjoying the time with family.

    Happy Holidays

  4. Hi Katrina :) I'm soo happy to hear that you're modifying your holidays to make them fun and stress-free not just for your guests, but for you too! People who love you will want to help make your day as special as you're making theirs. Happy Holidays to you too xoxo