Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Deeper Meaning of Cleaning

Today I cleaned my entire apartment! 

I scrubbed the countertops....

                                I washed the dishes...

I vacuumed like it was nobody's business...

and I'm not hurting!

Wooo hooo!

Okay, I know it might seem like I've lost it, but lately little joys aren't that hard to find. I'm finally having a reprieve from the past six months of debilitating pain! Also, walking, sitting, sleeping and breathing deeply are some other activities I've been able to do like my old self. Although I've been hesitant to officially declare this (and I'm still knocking on wood), I've had three  GOOD weeks and I believe I'm on my way up! I can't remember the last time my pain has been this minimal for this long and, after my rheumatology appointment this week, my doctor thinks Orencia is finally doing it's thing. I've also started a gluten-free diet which seems to make a tremendous difference for me - I plan to write much more about this soon. I also have no doubt that all of the good vibes and loving prayers coming from family, friends and  readers had a major part in this. For that, I'm forever grateful. 

Cleaning isn't the only thing I've been able to do - not by a long shot! Stay tuned for a great, big post about my amazing and fun- filled visit with Kate.  In the meantime, here's a good article about Keeping Up with Essential Chores While Living with Chronic Pain. Also, check out this great post by Diana E. Lee at "Somebody Heal Me " about pacing yourself while living with chronic illness. By "checking your [metaphorical] gauges", Diana reminds us that we can keep our symptoms and fatigue under control. I'm guilty of quickly "overdoing it" once I sense a bit of health, so this post was a great reminder.


PS: How much do you love this vacuum named Henry?? A nod to The Brave Little Toaster, I'd say.


  1. maya, i am SO glad that you are feeling better!! it makes my heart happy. and it was so wonderful to see you on friday. let's do it again soon!

    and if you feel like coming over and cleaning my apartment, you are more than welcome. ;)

  2. Woo-hoo! This is excellent news. Isn't it wonderful to clean and enjoy the simple things in life we often take for granted?

  3. Jodi and Cathy, thank you soooo much. I know that you both truly understand what this reprieve means to me, as you've been there throughout the roughest months of my life. Thank you so much for your friendship <3

  4. woohoo! good for you! can't wait until i'm back there again.