Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't Lay Down - Catie Curtis

I became a fan of the singer/song writer  Catie Curtis  about 15 years ago, at the start of her career. She's still going strong and, after producing 9 critically-aclaimed recordings, more and more people are discovering her talent. Growing up, I remember my mom and I listening to Catie during most of our car rides. I remember looking forward to that time - even  rides that ended up at doctor's offices  - simply because I'd get to hear this music. On her album My Shirt Looks Good On You (released in 2001), you'll find this fantastic song on track #8...

Don't Lay Down
catie curtis  2000

Don't lay down if you're gonna fall asleep
Don't lay down if you're gonna lose me
I'm with you pulling for a miracle
I'm with you pulling for a cure
I know that isn't what they're giving you
But I'm with you taking some more so
Don't Lay Down

Don't give up gently
Don't give in to what they say will be
I'm not ready to lose you
I'm not ready to see
Your light shining on the ocean
Your love swimming in the sea so
Don't Lay Down

Let's go down and watch another night fall
Someday darkness is gonna find us all
But don't lay down
Don't lay down
Don't lay down 

You can listen to a sample of "Don't Lay Down" here on and buy it for only $0.99! Trust me, it's worth it.  When I listen to these words now - after experiencing the pain of last year - they take on a whole new meaning (often bringing tears). To those who have stuck by me in sickness and in those who wouldn't let me "lay down" during my own fight... thank you. You can't know what a gift you are to me.



  1. A few years ago Olivia introduced me to Catie Curtis-- I love her song On The Phone with my Sister. It sends me into FITS of sobbing, but I still love it.


  2. margaret ferraroneJanuary 13, 2011

    Isn't is something when words change their meaning based on the seasons of life. I can read a book and then re-read years later to find it touches me in a whole new way.