Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quick & Important Survey for Spondylitis Patients

Do you live with Spondylitis? 
The Spondylitis Association of America (SAA) is asking that you take a few moments to fill out a crucial survey. The information collected will be used by SAA and medical professionals as they work toward understanding this complex disease and developing a cure. It takes 10 minutes tops.

Please click here to complete the online survey.'ll be helping yourself and millions others like you.

 Not Sure If You Have Spondylitis?

Spondylitis affects more than 2.4 million people - that's more than the combined population of San Francisco, Detroit, and Boston!  In case you missed my July post about SAA's Awareness Campaign - an initiative aimed at reaching thousands of undiagnosed sufferers - you can check it out by clicking here. Take the free questionnaire developed by physicians to help uncover undiagnosed cases of Spondylitis. Go ahead... get yourself some answers!

How You Can Support SAA

Aside from the hard work they do raising awareness for Spondylitis and money for research, SAA is run by genuinely wonderful human beings. They care about each Spondylitis patient and, throughout the years, they have come to mean a great deal to my family. Check out my May post, Spondylitis Awareness & How To Help, if you wish to support SAA. There are many ways to help and not all of them involve money...

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  1. There are many patients with a spine ache or other symptoms related with this disease yet unaware of the body condition.It is important to know the symptoms and get checked regularly and also take appropriate medication.