Monday, April 18, 2011

Win A Gorgeous Print Of Your Choice By Photographer Jodi McKee!!

I've written before about my friend Jodi, so click here to read her spotlight and learn more about this awesome woman. We met last summer after I found her blog, the Autoimmune Portrait Project (which I wrote about in this July post). I was amazed by her vision and desire to help other through art. Her talents extend far beyond portraits, as she photographs anything from lovable pets to gorgeous cityscapes; her eye is truly amazing.

Jodi has an online store on one of my very favorite websites, - click here to view the awesome collection. I asked if she might be interested in doing a giveaway for my blog and I was thrilled when she said yes!  Not only that, but Jodi is offering four never-before-seen prints just for my readers! If you're the winner, you'll get to choose from one of these gorgeous prints (measuring 8 X 11 inches)...

You have a chance to submit three entries and increase your odds of owning a Jodi McKee original!

For Entry #1:
Please comment on this post, specifying which of these 4 photographs you'd choose if you were to win and why.

For Entry #2:
Head on over to and "like" Jodi Mckee Photography on Facebook.

For Entry #3:
Please tell me what other things you might like to see as future "giveaways"!

You may enter this giveaway until 11:59 pm EST on May 2nd. and a winner will be announced the following day. Don't forget to check back to see if you've won because winners have 2 weeks to claim their prize by contacting me via e-mail ( To keep things fair, another drawing will take place (from the original entries) if the prize isn't claimed by this time.

Another exciting tidbit! After the winner is chosen, Jodi has graciously offered to provide my readers with a special 15% off discount code that can be entered upon checkout in her Etsy store.

Stay tuned and good luck!


  1. Hi Maya,
    Entry #1 Although I love them all, I would love for the print of "Life is Wonderful" to hang over my desk so I can see it everyday and remind myself of the simple pleasures that life holds for us each and every day.

    Entry #3 For future giveaways, I would love for you to continue with the ETSY stuff. I love things that are made by real people like this one with Jodi. It would be cool if you could have a handful of chronic ill folks donate things as a way of showing how much we offer this world.

    Also, thanks for all your kind words and far away hugs these last few weeks. They have meant a lot.


  2. MAYA!

    These prints are gorgeous. Mmmboy.

    Entry 1: This is very tough, but I too would choose "life is wonderful". I would choose this print as a sort of daily pep talk for me. Much like the ones that you give me when I'm feeling down :). It's a beautiful and simple message.

    Entry 3: I would like to win a date with Maya Klauber.

    you're a beautiful, shining darling.

    love you! hope you're feeling good.

  3. yay! i can hardly wait to see which print the winner picks!!

  4. I would definitely pick the sunflower print for several reasons: 1) our wedding colours were green and yellow; 2) sunflowers were used like crazy at that same wedding; 3) I just love how cheerful and determined sunflowers are, always seeking to keep their faces turned toward the sun.

    Also, I liked Jodi on Facebook. And I would love to see more giveaways with books or things from Etsy. I love that site.

  5. They are all gorgeous but I especially like the life is wonderful print. And I already like her facebook page.

  6. I would pick the sunflower print because I love the colors, the angle of the shot and the shape / motion of the petals. It is beautiful!
    I liked Jodi on facebook and someday I would like to do a giveaway for you with my mosaic stuff.. I'll talk to you about that this summer!
    Love you!

  7. I would choose the fourth picture. It reminds me of my 13-year-old daughter who suffers from spondylitis. Her life is one beautiful and fragile day built up on another. She handles her arthritis with strength and grace and the stem in that picture makes me think of her---it looks so fragile yet it stands tall while carrying its burden. The background of hard, dark, buildings makes me realize the hardness of the life that surrounds her. Yet she seeks out the light and she shines!

    My daughter's name is Grace and it couldn't be a better name for such a beautiful girl who is filled with grace both inside and out.

  8. I love the Sunflower picture. There is something so magical about a sunflower. I love your work on etsy...

  9. i LOVE the sunflower print because it makes me think of you! and i like kayla's idea of a date with maya!

  10. HI,Maya!I started following your blog a few weeks ago & it is so lovely & inspiring-thank you!
    I would choose the Life is Wonderful photo.Pink graffiti is right up my creative alley :)It is a reminder to always keep my eyes open so I don't miss unexpected magic!
    I totally "Liked" Jodi Mckee Photography on FB.
    Since I'm new here,I'm not sure I could give any specific suggestions for giveaways. Handmade art is always awesome!
    Happy Spring-

  11. I love the sunflower pic, I "like" her FB, and I'm not really sure what I would like as a giveaway...maybe an giftcard!

    I love macro photography!

    Sorry I've been so MIA. Life has been really up and down and busy!

  12. Hi,
    My favorite of these is the first one, the peony. There are a couple reasons I love this picture, one is the peony has always been my absolute favorite flower, also the colors here are just dreamy and relaxing.
    I liked Jodi on Facebook.
    As for future giveaways, hmm, handmade things(like Etsy stuff), art is always good, also any kind of comfort items.
    Love and light,

  13. I love the LIFE IS GOOD photo. because Life is good, and a reminder is always lovely!

  14. I liked Jodi McKee Photography on Facebook!xx

  15. Hi Maya!

    Cannot tell you how much I love your site!

    I would chose the first print because I just love the serenity of the colors and the placement of the flower symbolizes peace for me for some reason. I think it's because it doesn't clash with the background at all, and it blends in with it.

    I also like Jodi McKee on Facebook as well cause I think her work is truly fantastic, and I appreciate you for introducing such wonderful artists on your site!

    Also, thanks for directing me to that jewelery site! My mother isn't exactly a jewelery type of person, but I'll definitely buy something for some of my friends! The necklaces are exquisite!

    Hope all is well with you!

    :) Billy