Sunday, April 10, 2011

Waiting Way Too Long For Answers

Can we just discuss how truly awful it is to wait for medical test results?

On Tuesday, March 28th, I had blood work done to help explain my constant fatigue, mouth sores, night sweats, mild hair loss, and stomach aches. Today is April 10 and tomorrow it will be 2 weeks! I was trying to be understanding, but now I'm angry. They weren't complicated tests, nor did they have to be processed at a specialized lab, and the longer I wait, the worse I feel physically. My anxiety is also increasing and my mind is running wild regarding the possible outcomes. While my blood results are typically okay and they may not show anything, I still have a right to some answers by now. I have an appointment with my doctor scheduled for tomorrow, but if the results aren't in by then there will be no point in showing up. We'll have no information and thus nothing to discuss (then let's see them try to hit me with the cancellation fee). Thanks guys, sometimes a "chronic babe" just has to vent...
When issues arise in your doctor's office (rude receptionists, bad nurses, consistently long wait times, etc), how did you bring it up and how did it go? Please feel free to share your experiences, frustrations, triumphs, or anything else that's on your mind...



  1. I had an EEG done in August of last year and still never have gotten any results! Finally after asking my doctor over and over again for them...and getting nowhere, I went to the medical records office at the hospital where I work, only to find out that my physician never ever read the EEG! So my insurance paid for the test, I paid my co-pay, went through the time to have the test done only to never have it read. I fired the neurologist!

  2. I guess they say no news is good news but, after reading Jessica's post, I wonder. I suppose you need to be vigilant and pesky. I have always been sickeningly sweet with all those folks at the doctors even when I wanted to reach over and "snatch them bald headed" as my grandmother would have said. They probably can't control half of what they represent (doctors, labs etc!) and so they are left with patients who are sick, tired and sometimes nasty. I cut them slack as I figure our complaints probably start to sound like Charlie Brown's parents, wha, wha, wha, wha!