Friday, July 22, 2011

Amazing New Giveaway! Turn Your Photograph Into A Customized Stamp

I could spend hours on perusing various hand-crafted gems, and actually I did just that the other day. I fell in love with Leila's shop, and especially her customized portrait stamps (shown above) made from YOUR special photos. Imagine a personalized stamp of you and your sweetheart? With love on my mind lately, I think it would be a perfect way to add that unique touch to cards, invitations, thank you notes, decorations, or wedding favors. The photo could be just you or you with a family member or a friend. It would also make a pretty incredible gift for someone in your life. Sky's the limit, really!
Now meet the wonderful Leila! Here's what she had to say about her artwork...
"My creativity inspires me to make the most unique, personalized items that people will talk about for years and years.  In everything I make, personalization is key. The only way to do that is to make it yourself.  I focus on creating designs that are outside of the box.  Adding a custom touch to all of my handmade creations (invitations, cards, stickers, decor, etc.), is really my passion. 

Leila & her fiance
Throughout the years, my family and friends have always given me the task of constructing a one of a kind creation for various special occasions, making these events more memorable. After planning so many bridal showers, birthday parties, baby showers and now my own wedding, I have learned that giving your guests a handmade invite or creating a personalized centerpiece, leaves a lasting impression.  That is so rewarding to me and that is the reason why I decided to open up my services to others who also see the importance of customizing their special day with a unique touch.  I absolutely LOVE working with people who have a vision, but just need a little help in making that vision come to life.  That's what I am hear for and I welcome all ideas!

Lucky you! You can enter this giveaway a total of 2 times!

For entry #1: Tell me what your personalized stamp would look like! Where and how might you use it?

For entry #2: Head over to and "like" my page, Loving With Chronic Illness! If you already do, then you're awesome :) Just let me know in a comment and you'll get the second entry.

You can enter this giveaway until 11:59pm on August 5th (2 weeks from today). A winner will be chosen at random and announced the following day. Good luck, my wonderful readers!



  1. This is awesome! My personalized stamp would be of my sister and I :) The Lovely girls need a stamp!

  2. I already LOVE LWCH!

  3. AND I would use a picture of myself and my fiance to use for our thank you cards after our September nuptials!! :)

  4. TiffanyAprilJuly 22, 2011

    My customized stamp would probably be the logo to my photography studio. I would most likely use it stamp the back of any prints I sell :)

  5. TiffanyAprilJuly 22, 2011

    And I've already 'liked' you on Facebook!

  6. I already liked you on Facebook! I would get my wonderful man Andy's head on a stamp (he's got massive sideburns!) We would stamp it everywhere and it would always make us smile even when we're having bad days.
    These stamps are amazing! I might have to get one even if I don't win.

  7. AnonymousJuly 25, 2011

    This is beautiful! I would have to do as a gift for a friend. It would make a great bridal shower gift!

  8. AnonymousJuly 25, 2011

    Yup, we're already friends on facebook and you know I love your page! :)

  9. my personalized stamp would be a picture of my adorable doggy!!

  10. I also already LOVE Loving with Chronic Illness on FB!