Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Quick Hello (Be Back Very Soon)

Hi my lovely readers,

I'm sorry for my absence this past week! John and I took a mini vacation to Bermuda (aka heaven), which was just what we needed. Because of the demands of John's medical school, we haven't seen much of each other this summer. We called this our "engagement party." I've always wanted to go to Bermuda, and this was easily the best trip of my life.

After a major flight delay, we arrived back home at 2:30am on the day of my first classes (more on them later). Then we headed up to Rochester to visit John's family, and that's where we are now. I can't wait to share photos and memories from the trip, but for now I'll just say that Bermuda is a dream: pink sand beaches, turquoise waters, pastel houses built into cliffs. AND WE SWAM WITH DOLPHINS!!! They are incredible, sensitive, soulful, and fun-loving creatures. We felt beyond lucky to hang out with them for a little while. Thanks for sticking with me and I'll write again soon :)


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  1. Hi, This is my first time visiting your blog and I'm already a bit jealous of your fantastic vacation ;-) Bermuda sounds like paradise. I'll be back to see the photos.