Friday, October 14, 2011

Taking The Long Way Home (Summer Snapshots)

About a month ago, I took a little end-of-summer trip with Vicki and Palmer, two of the best friends I could ever ask for. We headed out to the eastern end of Long Island for a weekend full of long talks, big laughs, delicious seafood, beautiful beaches, and of course ice cream. Since we live several states apart, it's rare that the three of us are together at the same time. I made sure to savor every moment. 

Sadly, it couldn't last forever, and eventually we had to say our goodbyes. In order to console myself on the drive home, I admired my surroundings: the bridge-covered canals, the wineries, and the charming farm stands that lead the way. I stopped first in front of an enormous field bursting with sunflowers. Luckily I had borrowed my dad's camera for the weekend, and was able to capture the vibrant scene. As I stood their watching hundreds of yellow heads swaying gently with the wind, I couldn't help but notice their personalities. Some appeared demure, bashfully peering toward the soil; others puffed out their fuzzy chests and seemed to pose for their portrait.

I made several more stops at local farm stands, losing myself among rows of shiny fruits and vegetables; shelves lined with mason jars, baskets of fresh berries, and wheelbarrows heavy with watermelon. It was sensory overload in the best way possible, and made me glad to be alive.


  1. What a pictorial celebration! Thank you for sharing :-)

  2. wonderful!!

    LOVE that photo of the pup & the sunflowers are so pretty!

  3. great pics and what a lovely idea. it is always hard for me to head home after a weekend away and free. i'll try to embrace your idea the next time i find myself in that situation. xo