Friday, May 28, 2010

The Most Natural Medicine

Chronic illness is with us all the time and, especially during bad periods, it can be on our minds constantly. Between scheduling and keeping medical appointments, making pharmacy runs, remembering pill schedules and..oh, trying to maintain a life...sometimes it can consume every free moment. So while I'm a huge advocate of accepting your condition as part of who you are, it's so important to remember and appreciate yourself apart from the disease.

With medicines being prescribed right and left and side effects that can sometimes be more unbearable than the initial condition, we need to find alternatives. Some doctors might have knowledge of alternative therapies, but you come to learn you can't depend on that. Eventually you realize it's up to you to make yourself happy and comfortable and it's up to you to get creative. Let me ask this: what makes you smile? Even if you don't feel happy, just try smiling. You can trick your body into releasing Endorphins, which are natural painkillers. Not convinced? Read this list of the top 10 reasons to smile. I think especially if you're living with illness day in and day out, it's crucial to find joy to combat it; to find what makes you happy and to seek it out whenever you can.

No matter how small, strange or uncommon those things might be... delight in them. Make them yours. Notice humor around you and make sure to fill your life with people who do the same (or at least appreciate that you can). Over the years, this has become a survival instinct of sorts for me and a big part of what keeps me happy and excited about life. Maybe that's why I forward silly animal videos to the people I love almost every day (sorry guys) - because nothing makes me smile like animals do...

Animals that grin...

Animals that sleep like champs

Animals that love unconditionally (despite differences)...

Animals that love their owners enough to pose like this...

My animals...

This is medication I can take anywhere and on my own schedule. What helps keep you happy and healthy? Stay tuned for more of my extremely natural remedies...I've been thinking about this a lot.



  1. What makes me happy and healthy? The people I surround myself husband, children, family, and friends....they all make me smile often. Also, my border collie Izzy. Doing simple things like swinging on the back porch, taking long walks, bike riding, eating coconut milk icecream, and much more. Smiling and laughing are definitely the best medicine. Great post!

  2. Those are wonderful things to smile about, Cathy :) Thanks for your comment -- I'm so glad to hear you've been having good days!

  3. Well I'm definitely smiling. THank you!

  4. Yes, definitely. My cats are so comforting, so loving...

  5. Dana and Rachel, thanks so much for reading and leaving your nice comments :) Glad you can relate to what makes me happy xo

  6. These pictures are SO cute! I'm officially happier!

  7. My beautiful wife and kids, my friends and my three cool dogs are the ones that makes me happy. They always make my day brighter each day. And seeing them happy and healthy makes me the happiest man in the world!

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