Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Awwww"-Worthy Alternative Medicine!

I've had such an awesome response to my post, Simple Joys & Must Haves of A Sick Chick, that it became quite clear just how universally important laughter is! Sick or not, we all need to find the humor in each and every day because that's where the light is. That's where living is done. So, on that note, I thought I'd share some of my all-time favorite YouTube videos that I turn to regularly for an immediate smile. Is anyone surprised that they all involve animals in some capacity? I didn't think so.

Enjoy and please feel free to e-mail me some of your favorites too! I'm always looking for a laugh (especially lately)


Puppy First Howl (Cute Overload)

Where's Bee? (Plus a little bonus reenactment)

Tickling Slow Loris! (I had never heard of a slow loris, but now I would love to wake up to one every day. If any readers know how to make that happen, let me know haha)

Sloth Crosses The Road & Falls Asleep In The Process! (Even if you don't find sloths particularly *cute*, I guarantee a laugh)

Baby Rips Paper & Finds It To Be The Funniest Thing On This Planet (Thought I'd throw one in relating to my own species)

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