Saturday, October 23, 2010

John (A Little Love Babble)


John has been the subject of a few posts before, but writing about him inevitably gets me tongue-tied. It's no secret that the past several months have been a chaotic mish mosh of medical hurdles, painful and personal struggles, and a whole lot of "waiting it out." Throughout it all, John has been my rock and the element of my future I can truly count on. I knew he'd be there when the going got tough, but I never anticipated just how natural it would be; how safe and loved I'd feel amidst this turmoil.

John is everything I could ever need in another person. He is my best friend and the one who makes me feel most like Maya. When we're together, we're always laughing and my pain eases (often it disappears completely). Nobody could make me feel more beautiful than he does and, after four months on steroids, he has managed to make me feel more adored than ever. Things seem lighter and warmer when John's around. I love the kindness he shows strangers, our mutual and intense longing for a dog, and our similar taste in TV shows. I love trying new restaurants together, the way my hands fit right into his, and the thrill of planning our future together. 

Obviously I could go on, but on top of all we are together, it's obvious how deeply we support each other as individuals. No matter how many health issues I'm juggling or how distant a steady career feels at the moment, he believes in me. His confidence and pride in me mean the world. As he tackles his third year of medical school and endures grueling, 24 hour shifts in the hospital, I'm in awe of his drive and work ethic. He knows his purpose is to help and approaches each day with dignity and passion. Quite simply, I'm proud to know him - let alone to be his partner - and the truth is  I love him more every day.

Before I embarrass him too much (okay, I'm sure it's too late for that), I'll wrap this up. But what would "Loving With Chronic Illness" be without the occasional love babble? 


  1. What an absolutely beautiful person you found in John. Lucky you! I am really happy to read this and to know he is a part of your life.

  2. Awww! It's always so wonderful when those of us who need love and support the most find it. I'm so happy for you! Also, isn't it so weird that pain seems to lessen around those adorable guys??? Someone bottle that stat!

  3. Cathy: Thanks for seeing what a gem he is. I am so happy that you have such a supportive and loving partner in your corner too. Yep, we are two lucky ladies.

    KirBir: Thanks so much :) And yes, I think everyone needs a love prescription

  4. unconditional love is so're one lucky girl!

  5. awwww. just the sweetest.

  6. This is lovely:) nothing wrong with a nice love babble! You two are so sweet, and I can't wait to meet your wonderful other half xxx

  7. What a good looking young couple. There is nothing wrong with a bit of Love-babble.

  8. Maya,

    This is such a beautiful post. It makes me so happy to know that you have such an incredible source of love and support in your life. It can make all the difference some days.

    It broke my heart to read about what you have had to endure in your previous posts. You are on my heart and in my prayers. Praying the new meds come through for you in powerful ways.

    Big hugs,

  9. Thank you sooo much for appreciating our story, you wonderful ladies. Kate, he can't wait to meet you either!!! The countdown has begun :)

    Kelli: Your comment means so much to me. It's a very scary and uncertain time and I thank you for keeping me on your heart - I truly feel it...