Saturday, February 12, 2011

25 Things To Do Before I Turn 26

Happy Birthday to me AND my amazing grammy!

25 years old today...a quarter of a did that happen? My favorite part of my birthday is sharing it with my grandmother. She's always said I was her "favorite birthday present ever", but she is mine. Anyone who has met my grammy knows what a true gem she is; I'm one lucky girl to have her in my life. 

As I mentioned in a recent post, I'm following my friend Jodi's lead and creating my first "annual Bucket List." The idea obviously derived from the traditional Bucket List - a list of things to do before ya "kick the bucket." However, Jodi realized that most items would sit there for months and sometimes years without being accomplished, so the annual list makes TONS of sense! It provides a deadline for procrastinators like me. After giving it some thought, here's my list (and a big thanks to Jodi for a few of these ideas). I'll be crossing them off as I go along...

25 Things To Do Before I Turn 26

1. Write a children's book with dad

2. Go to a ballet

3.  Send more "snail-mail" letters and  handmade cards 

4. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

5. Volunteer at an animal shelter (bring toys and other donations)

6. Watch a sunrise from start to finish (preferably over water)

7. Take a rowboat ride around the Central Park boathouse

8. Make homemade pizza

9. Swim more!

10. Paint a picture for someone's birthday

11. Travel to Maine and/or Canada with John

12. Read at least 10 books for pleasure

13. Up-cylce a piece of furniture by painting and/or mosaicing

14.  Visit at least one new city 

15. Get over my irrational fear of lighting a match and/or learn how to make a fire

16.  Learn more about alternative therapies and try some out

17. Go bike riding around Long Island

18. Visit the Guggenheim

19. Look at the stars through a telescope 

20. Listen to more new music

21. Walk a 5K 

22.  When it comes to spontaneous plans, say "yes" more than "no"

23. Have a picnic

24. Buy lots of doggy toys and treats for Lily

25. Keep writing poetry and submit to at least two literary magazines 


  1. Great ideas! I may steal them!

    Happy birthday, you wonderful wonderful lady!

    love love love

  2. I want to help with some of those! Why don't we all do a lovely picnic this Spring? I have a ton of interesting music suggestions for you! As well as book suggestions...also, I have an irrational fear of lighting a match also! xx Olivia

  3. hooray! so glad you made a list. and i especially like #21. we are going to rock that walk!

    happy, happy birthday, beautiful.

  4. Kayla - Go right ahead!! I would love to see your annual bucket list whn you complete it and maybe - jsut maybe - help you cross some of them off. Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes xox

    Olivia: A picnic with the lovely sisters sounds...LOVELY! Let's do it! Please send along those music suggestions whenever it's convenient for you. I deifnitely tend to find singers and bands I love and then listen to them until I'm tired of them forever haha
    And guess what! I got over my fear of lighting a match yesterday...John and his roomies used a little tough love. I can teach you now if you'd like <3

    Jod: Thanks again for everything! It was wonderful seeing you on Thursday and I can't wait for adventures ahead... especially crossing off #21 with you xoxox