Thursday, February 24, 2011

Introducing Zoo Borns...The Ultimate "Feel Good" Find

Today, I just wanted to share some "feel good" things because...well... who doesn't like to feel good?

First and perhaps most importantly, I've recently discovered my all-time favorite!! This site is devoted entirely to announcing the birth and development of baby animals in zoos around the world. As the Seattle Post Intelligencer wrote, "ZooBorns pulls off the difficult task of being cute and interesting for people of all ages while also being informative." It has become a daily treat for me and, if you're also an animal lover, I suggest you bookmark it. There's an amazing update nearly every day.
The second and third thing I want to share also relates to ZooBorns ( I sort of have a one track mind when it comes to baby animals). First is a short video of two tiger cubs and their loving mama at the Pittsburgh Zoo. What really gets me here is the way the mother clearly adores her cubs and cleans them so thoroughly. The other video is of a baby elephant playing during bath time at the Houston Zoo! I dare you not to smile while watching this...enjoy!
[Note: If you can't see the full videos below within the parameters of this blog, just double click the videos themselves and they'll expand to fit your whole screen.]

Sticking with this "feel good" theme,'s latest blog carnival is LIVE and the topic is Show Me The Love - a collection of posts "about the love of friends, family, spouses and lovers." This carnival offers a variety of voices that all "show us the power of love that can come from the most unexpected places to change and heal us in powerful ways (and some of the posts show what happens when love goes away). The carnival also includes my February 17th post about my amazing brother.

Okay, and ONE last smile...(gosh, I hate hair days like this one)


  1. animals ARE the best. thanks for sharing the happiness!

  2. glad you agree :) xoxo

  3. This is a great site, I will have to share it with my son.

  4. Hahaha, that baby elephant just made my day!

  5. Aww! Those little faces!! My I think your future work will have to involve not only dogs, but trips to zoos to see newborns-and of course you'll need me as an assistant:-)