Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Henri & The Bee: A Children's Book Supports Spondylitis!

When I was visiting my parents on Long Island the other week, we woke to discover that we were snowed in - a common occurrence lately! As I prepared my breakfast, my dad excitedly approached me with an original concept for a children's book; an idea that had come to him over night!  "I could write the story and you could do the illustrations! What do you think, Mouse?" ("Mouse" is my dad's nickname for me from many moons ago). Since his idea was awesome and I've always wanted to write a children's book, was immediately sold. Undoubtedly it will take us a while, but I have faith that we'll get it done...one day.

That same day, the Spondylitis Association coincidentally posted this news story about Jeff and Katherine - a father-daughter team - that recently published a children's book titled Henry & the Bee (What are the odds?). The story is about a dog named Henri whose dream takes readers on a cross-country adventure in search of a sweet treat. Henri is accompanied by a friendly bee and together they enjoy life’s special moments. As you can tell from these few photos, the story is beautifully illustrated with vibrant colors and is available as a storybook or a calendar. 

What could be better than a lovely story created by a father and his daughter? A book that gives its proceeds to these various non-profit organizations - the Spondylitis Association of America being one of them! Click HERE to visit the Henri & the Bee's official website.
To Jeff and Katherine: I want to say a tremendous thank you for all of your work and for caring enough to use your beautiful book for good. The Spondylitis Association and all of the patients it benefits (myself included) are all better for it! Good luck - Henri & the Bee is sure to be a success!

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  1. That is lovely support from the publishers of the book.There is a need to support the ones who are in pain and suffering.It could have been you or me for that matter.So kindness and love can help them come out of it as far as possible.