Friday, September 10, 2010

Power Soccer, Team USA!

"Power soccer is a real sport....power soccer is changing lives...
We need your help to get the word out there so that more people can experience the opportunity to play a sport; experience the opportunity to dream...our goal is to make history."
-Chris Finn, Head Coach of Team USA 

Take a look at this amazing trend enabling people with disabilities to kick some serious butt! In 2007, Team USA won the first ever world cup in Japan and virtually no one knows about it. Let's get the word out and take one step toward a world that's easier and more fulfilling for everyone.
(Note: If you wish to view the video on a full screen, double click the video box and it will pop out)


  1. amazing and inspiring... thanks for sharing...xoxo

  2. Yay! Thanks for posting this! My brother is looking for ways to get some power soccer going in the NY state area. He has set up "celebrity" games at his school during fundraisers with the local FD/PD and semi-pro hockey team players in manual wheelchairs and he loves playing the game. It's an amazing opportunity for these kids/young adults to be looked at in terms of their adapted athleticism instead of their disability. Always an inspiration whatever the situation.

  3. Jen: I should have given you credit in this post for making me aware of this amazing sport!! I wish I got to know your brother better at camp because he sounds like a rock star (runs in the family, huh?). That's so awesome that he's taken that initiative because it will help so many people find equality, purpose, and FUN! Keep in touch xoxox