Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some Back To School Thoughts

Hello my lovely readers,

Loungin' with my pup
I hope you're all having fabulous Labor Day weekends (or, if you're Australian - Father's Day weekends)! I've been enjoying a relaxing time on Long Island with my family, writing, doing some art, playing with my pups, shopping a little, and beginning to plan Kate's New York visit! Appropriately, there was a great article recently published in the New York Times about a woman's favorite city spots. As she prepares for a move to Paris, she reminisces about the great city she's called home for thirty years. It made me even more excited to share 2 weeks with my beautiful new friend.

Among my activities this weekend was actively missing my boyfriend. John's in Las Vegas now with 9 of his high school buddies! It speaks directly to the man he is that my only reaction to a "dudes' trip in Vegas" is that I'm thrilled for him. I could never trust anyone the way I trust John and, every day, he makes me feel more loved than the day before. I've never had that with anyone - not even close. As his third year of medical school is kicking into high gear,  I'm thankful he has this well-deserved break. My only words of wisdom to him were "just don't wake up with a tiger in the bathroom (a la The Hangover)

The first week of classes snuck up on me a bit. It sounds silly, but buying a new wool skirt today really hit it home - summer is over and it's time to welcome my favorite season. Since I made the choice to extend my masters program (click here to read that post), I wont be doing any field work this year. I am, however, enrolled in four classes. The first two are electives - "Social Work With Children" and "Social Work With Families." While last year's introductory courses were interesting enough, these are much more in line with my interests and my future plans. For instance, one of our textbooks deals exclusively with play therapy! Right up my alley. My other two classes are "Human Behavior & The Social Environment" (dealing predominantly with human growth and psychology) and "Social Work Research."

I'm beyond relieved that I made the decision to take a bit longer. Coping with pain, beginning a new medical regime, taking a full course load, and trying to do justice to an internship full of clients? I would simply be unable to do it all. I've been anxious all summer about returning to school in so much pain, but the steroids have helped tremendously. I just hope the Remicade can take it's place fairly seamlessly. So Tuesday it is and, you know what? I'm actually looking forward to it and to all this year might have in store.


  1. fall is my very favorite season too! and halloween my favorite holiday! so happy you are so happy with john! supportive friends and partners make such a difference...

    good luck with class.

    i'm taking HBSE also. so far the text is a bit dry-- my first assignment was to answer, on what basis do some claim that our society has not yet entered the postmodern paradigm?

    can't wait to hear how your classes go.

    much love,

  2. Good Luck with school starting.. I am in my 4th week already and catching up on your blog while procrastinating studying for my first big exam tomorrow.
    I also love the fall. The season change is less dramatic in California, but today was nice and overcast - I love it. Soccer starts for my son next week, and I get to be team Mom. And the best thing about the fall, hopefully, no more hands on fire from the heat. During the summer when I get too hot my hands swell up like sausages.
    ...and my doc just switched my meds, so hopefully they will work and it will be a good year.

    Bring on the Fall!!