Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Family, Cheese & Puppies: Memorial Day Weekend 2011

My brother Josh, his wife Erica and I just got back from a wonderful long weekend in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Why Wisconsin, you ask? It's home to many of our family members and, since the last time we visited was 10 years ago, this trip was long overdue. We stayed with my cousin Lily, her husband Adam, and their two kids, Olivia and Ben. To top it off, their home is filled with lovable animals: a couple of sweet cats and two Bernese Mountain Dogs (one who is 8 weeks old!). So I really felt at home.

The main event of the weekend was a surprise birthday party for Adam. Lily planned everything to a tee and invited lots of friends and family members. The party was at a nearby golf course, so Josh took Adam out for a round of golf in order to distract him. Because it was raining that day and not many other players were on the course, they flew through all 18 holes. Josh kept calling us, asking how he could stall for 2 hours. He tried everything from feigning stomach issues to shopping for new clubs. Although our cover was nearly blown, Adam was definitely surprised and had a blast!
Another highlight of the trip was a home cooked breakfast at a local farm. Not only did I get some quality time with turkeys, alpacas, goats, and two mini donkeys (see photo on the right), but we had one amazing meal. The eggs in our omelette's were about as fresh as they come. In fact we could see the chickens running around outside! I also treated myself to some heavenly chocolate milk.... mmm.....

I also spent some quality time with my wonderful aunt Rose this weekend. She treated me, Josh and Erica to a delicious lunch by the Sheboygan waterfront. After Adam's party, I also got to stay at her home in Appleton, Wisconsin. Although we only had a few hours together, I'll always cherish that time. We have a very special bond. Rose also has some wonderful pets (including Nica the Amazon Parrot) and made some yummy gluten free blueberry pancakes. On my final morning, I also got to visit her sister Shirley and her brother Rob, who was spotlighted in this recent post. It was wonderful to see my hero again.

This weekend was a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of New York and a chance to reconnect with my family. To top it off, my body cooperated the entire time. I'm not sure if I've mentioned that I have a profound flying phobia, but after the stress of traveling, I was anticipating significant pain. I'm just glad to have made these memories...without Spondylitis in the picture.
How was your Memorial Day weekend?


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  1. AnonymousJune 01, 2011

    Very nice, my computer bombed today and wasnt able to send you any pics but I will. I wish you could come back more often, we loved having you all here.