Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How To Boost Prescription Drug Effectiveness

Some pills need to be taken with food, while others work best on an empty stomach. Some are taken in the morning, others at lunch, and the rest are meant for bedtime. The whites go with the whites, but never with the blues, while the pinks ones are taken before anything. Sounds familiar? With so many directions buzzing around in our minds, we're bound to make mistakes. 

Since prescription drugs are currently a major part of my health regimen, I couldn't pass up reading a piece entitled "How to Boost Prescription Drug Effectiveness." The article is based on the concept that a medication's effectiveness is greatly impacted by how and when we take it. We are also warned about mixing our medications and remaining aware of everything we're putting in our bodies. While natural supplements may seem harmless, occasionally they can decrease the effectiveness of prescription medication or even pose a threat to our health after mixing them with other substances. "It's like playing a deadly game of Russian roulette if you don't educate yourself about the medications you take," says Suzy Cohen, R. Ph., Life script expert and author of Drug Muggers and The 24 Hour Pharmacist (Harper).

Personally, I stay on track using A) my cellphone and B) a weekly pill container  (like the one pictured above). Since my phone is usually nearby, I've set up alerts on it to remind me when to take each pill. Anyone who has spent more than 2 hours can attest to this. After reading this article, I'm more diligent than ever about actually taking them when the alarm goes off and not saying "I'll get to it after this show is over." Additionally, with 14 compartments that denote the days of the week as well as mornings and afternoons, this case keeps me organized. Life throws us curve balls, but make a pact with yourself to stay on track. Whether it's alarms or sticky notes, find a reminder that works for you, stick to your regimen, and most importantly, remember to put your health above everything. You are worth it.

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