Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Fun & A Weekend In The Woods

Summer is finally in full swing and I'm thrilled to report that my body is keeping up with all of my plans! I just got my monthly Orencia infusion last night, so hopefully it will get even better now! The weekend before this past one was spent at John's family's cabin in the Adirondacks - one of my favorite getaways. John's dad built the cabin completely by hand and I'm consistently amazed by its beauty. It's nestled in a serene spot right beside a beautiful river. You can even hear the water running as you're falling asleep. Undoubtedly, this is one of my favorite sounds.

I spent some wonderful and much-needed quality time with John's parents (Margaret and Bob), his sisters (Sara and Laura), his cat George and his sweet pup Belle. We had perfect weather the whole weekend and enjoyed basking in the sunshine together. As always, Margaret was so thoughtful and cooked me delicious gluten-free meals, separate from the rest of the family. Between my vegetarianism, my gluten-free diet and my various stomach issues, I must be the world's most difficult house guest and it means the world that she cares to accommodate me. By night, we roasted marshmallows around a big fire and watched movies, including Uncle Buck (which I could watch a million times).

I also recently travelled to Boston to see my best friends! I stayed with Vicki (one of the best buds a girl could ask for) at her adorable new studio apartment. We enjoyed a very relaxing weekend of girly activities and hanging out with friends. I saw lots of Colby girls and explored Cambridge and Harvard Square. I'm always enthralled - and occasionally terrified - by the street performers in Harvard Square (I'm thinking mainly about a life size marionette). We ate some fantastic food, including a brunch at a vegan/gluten-free restaurant. This is where I discovered that I love scrambled tofu eggs - who knew? 

My posts will become more regular now. In between these summer adventures, I've been helping with various family medical issues. Unfortunately, I'm learning first-hand just how hard it is to watch someone you love in pain (which makes me appreciate my loved ones that much more). I've also officially moved into my new apartment with John and we couldn't be happier! We just got internet hooked up, so I'll be posting about that very soon...



  1. Summer is the best! I love summer vacations and can't wait for ours here in my home :-) We are on countdown as it happens in August. And what is even better is that your med is working great for you enough to allow you to keep up with it all! Wonderful to share your vacation fun!

  2. You are sweet to make note of the weekend foods however, even sweeter is when you try things that may not be your favs:) No more mushrooms! I am trying for 99% approval, not 95%...hehe.

  3. Maya,I am so glad things are coming together so beautifully for you. The cabin pictures look fabulous. It is special when family members go out of their way to cook special meals for you, isn't it? My dad was always so careful with my food. The thought of him laying out all the ingredients for my inspection before he began cooking still makes me feel so loved.